Tree Guardian, a reputable tree service in Lafayette, LA has continued to maintain its best, unmatched industry standards in tree service throughout Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas. Founded in 2011 and with a combined experience of over 30 years of tree preservation, tree removal, and tree trimming, Tree Guardian remains the standard for all things tree service Lafayette, LA. The company boasts a team of qualified and experienced arborists who can assist homeowners and business owners with professional same-day tree preservation, tree trimming, and tree trimming services.

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Trees play a vital role in our life. As the biggest plants on earth, they furnish us with oxygen, store carbon, and stabilize the soil. They also provide us with the materials for tools and shelter, as well as give life to wildlife. Also, tree canopies act as a physical filter, absorbing pollutants from the air and trapping dust, and in some cases, they are used as medicine. Hence the need for tree preservation. Since trees can take a long time to grow, it is usually painful to remove them without any cogent reason. However, sometimes, it also becomes necessary to remove a tree completely or trim it occasionally. This could be because they start dying from natural causes and anthropogenic activities, making them dangerous to humans and the surrounding structures. Sometimes, even a healthy tree still has to go.

Tree Guardian offers various kinds of tree services in Lafayette, LA. These include tree preservation, tree trimming, tree removal, tree fertilization, stump grinding, and emergency tree services. For proper tree removal in Lafayette, LA, it is important to hire the services of a reliable tree service company. If you live in Lafayette or any of its surroundings and experience tree problems, it is important to choose the right tree service company to do a professional job. Failing to choose an appropriate company can lead to lost investment, damaged tree or property.

Today, the greatest achievement of the company is its over 30 years of experience in providing reputable and aesthetic work, enthusiastic workforce, and loyal customers who keep coming back simply because they do a topnotch job and at a fair price. With Tree Guardian, you’re assured of the best standard for any tree-related services. They provide a free consultation and also check the condition of a tree and offer professional advice on what needs to be done. The team at Tree Guardian are expertly trained with a vast knowledge of different trees types and are armed with the right equipment to carry out any project regardless of the size.

A customer by the name Linda has this to say about her experience with Tree Guardian, “Tree Guardian was working in our area and stopped in with a business card. Their estimate was more reasonable than the others we had received. We called them that same evening and signed a contract. They started at 9 the next morning and did a very nice job. We were pleased with their professionalism and work ethic. They cleaned up as they worked and were polite and courteous. Work was done on three oaks. VERY satisfied!”

Tree removal or tree trimming is a very dangerous task and so must be done by professionals who have the knowledge and experience. Tree Guardian is fully tested and trusted to deliver the best as they have maintained unbeatable industry standard over the years. Their staff is fully licensed, bonded and insured for their safety. They are always ready to assist with any tree Service in Lafayette, LA.

Tree Guardian has the experience, equipment, and enthusiasm to handle any residential or commercial tree service in the Lafayette, LA area. We can come out on your schedule, even for emergency tree removal services.

Call today to speak with a local arborist about tree services including:

  • Tree preservation
  • Tree fertilization
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Emergency tree services

Our goal is always to save your trees, but sometimes that is just not possible. Trust us to recommend the best course of action for your trees and your property. Call today to learn more about tree services offered in the Lafayette, LA area and to request service for your residential or commercial property.

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