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Trees are a great addition to any property, but they need proper care in order to truly benefit the landscape. For all of the services you need to improve, maintain or remove trees from your property in the Lafayette, LA area, call Tree Guardian.

We have over 30 years of tree preservation, tree trimming and tree removal experience. No matter what tree services you need, we have the training and experience to handle them. We are licensed and insured to perform all work, and we take great pride in what we do. Call today to request tree services in Lafayette, LA from an experienced company that is dedicated to you and your trees.

Our Services

Tree Removal

We work hard to preserve trees as long as we can, but sometimes they simply have to go. Disease, inclement weather and age can turn a once beautiful tree into an unsightly, potentially hazardous problem. For assistance removing such trees in the Lafayette, LA area, call Tree Guardian.

Tree Trimming

A healthy tree will thrive. While we love a healthy tree, we understand that its growth can compromise property lines, power lines and structures. To prevent a tree from overgrowing its boundaries, we offer quality tree trimming services in Lafayette designed to keep the tree healthy.

Stump Removal

Once we have removed a tree, all that will remain is the stump. Without the right equipment, stumps can be nearly impossible to remove. If you have a large stump affecting your property and your curb appeal, call Tree Guardian for stump grinding services in Lafayette, Louisiana.

How important are trees to your property?

Learn about tree preservation in Lafayette, LA

At Tree Guardian, we understand the importance of your trees and diligently try to preserve them. Tree preservation will greatly benefit your Lafayette, LA property. You can always rely on us for tree fertilization, tree trimming and other tree preservation services in Lafayette, LA.

Healthy trees on your residential or commercial property will:

• Increase curb appeal
• Help protect your home from bad weather
• Foster a vibrant, biologically-diverse landscape
• Provide shade and privacy
• Conserve energy by reducing cooling costs
• Prevent soil erosion

These are just a few benefits trees will bring to your property. If you would like to continue enjoying these benefits and others, call Tree Guardian for tree preservation services in Lafayette, Louisiana.